Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral Therapy (CST) is a hands on treatment that supports the body’s natural capacity for self-regulation. Life events and our fast paced-high stress culture can interrupt this mechanism and lead to a range of symptoms including anxiety and disconnection from our bodies.

CST helps balance and ‘off load’ the nervous system to support self-regulation; and bring us into a clearer, healthier relationship with our bodies.

As a practitioner I’m trained to ‘listen’ through my hands to subtle tones and flows of health that are expressed throughout the body’s fluid-tissue matrix. It is this therapeutic conversation of ‘listening and being heard’ within the body, that generates a flow of sensory information, inviting the nervous system to experience soothing and assuring feedback that may not otherwise be possible if our systems are ‘stuck’ in limited patterns of behaviour.

“Touching hands are not like pharmaceuticals or scalpels. They are like flashlights in a darkened room. The medicine they administer is self-awareness. And for many of our painful conditions, this is the aid that is most urgently needed” (Deane Juhan).

The quality of touch in craniosacral therapy is‘non-doing’, and therefore non-imposing. As a practitioner my role isn’t to ‘fix you’ but to help feed your sense of self, which I feel, is a fundamental component to healing and transendence.

What I feel is most powerful about CST is the invitation it holds for the person receiving treatment to be a participant in what is happening. I encourage people to track their process; to be aware and name the sensations they are experiencing so that they can become really present to - and utilise - the subtleties that reside within their bodies as an internal resource for support and self-regulation.

CST is gentle and non-invasive. As a therapeutic resource it can be used sparingly to restore and revitalise, or as regular support in helping manage chronic or acute health conditions

Cranial Treatments

I provide cranial treatments from my home studio in Brighton. Please contact me to discuss booking.

Cranial treatment: 1 hour: £45