Studio Classes

Beginner classes

In these classes we use simple postures and movement to unwind and release tension, build strength, cultivate inner awareness and find structural and core support. Breath work is also practiced as a means to exploring deeper into the body, to help reduce stress levels and balance the nervous system.

Beginner classes are open to complete yoga beginners, those with injuries, chronic conditions and anyone with an interest in deepening their yoga practice. Classes are deeply restorative yet challenging and focused. You will learn key principles that are fundamental to relieving back pain, improving posture, breath function, and liberating your spine so that you feel more energised, lighter and at ease in your body.

"I've been going to yoga classes with Helen for a few years now and I can honestly say its been life changing.  Her classes have helped me with my hyper-mobility and also really made me think about how to use my body in every day life. 

Intermediate classes

In these classes we return to simple postures, building on them to work into more challenging forms and flows. We move further into exploring connections and pathways in the body, which help us to find deeper releases of tension and undoing, as well as developing our somatic experience of whole body integration.

Classes focus on a different theme each week to allow the opportunity for in depth exploration, whether that’s working on a particular structure in the body, or a principle of the practice. These classes are suitable for students who have attended beginner classes with Helen, and yoga students with a committed practice.

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Monday Home studio, Saltdean
Intermediate 7-8.30pm.

Tuesday Home studio, Saltdean
Beginners/all levels 9.30 - 11am

Wednesday The Unity Centre, Lewes
Pregnancy yoga 6.15 - 7.15pm
Please book online via Unity website

Thursday Home studio, Saltdean
Beginners/all levels 9.30 -11am

Friday Home Studio, Saltdean
Beginners/all levels 9.30 - 11am

Drop in classes £12
6 week packages £60
Booking is essential.