“Yoga should not be a training for body control; on the contrary, it must bring freedom to the body, all the freedom it needs.” Vanda Scaravelli

The style of yoga I teach is inspired by Vanda Scaravelli – a visionary - whose yoga teachings encouraged a deep listening for the body and an invitation to release and undo into movement, as opposed to pushing and pulling against one self. This style of yoga raises your awareness to the subtle connections, pathways and forces that move through the body; helping undo habitual patterns, and liberate movement.

In my opinion, you cannot get bored of this yoga! There is no end to the unravelling, and depths of connections within us, which can be explored in unlimited ways. The body is always enquiring and discovering, which keeps the practice fresh and fun.

Key principles in this practice are how we release tension by surrendering to the force of gravity; and find space, lightness and elongation through an equal and opposite ‘ground reaction force’.

When we start to work with these forces in an intelligent way, we naturally start to let go of unnecessary tension, and our structure is freed up to express itself as integrated and whole.

The breath is another keystone is yoga; conscious breathing is always weaved into my classes. It’s a pathway to cultivating awareness and exploring our inner landscape; and when the diaphragm and associated breathing apparatus are freed up and integrated to fully express the breath, the effect on our general health is profound.

The essence of my teaching is to help people discover and nourish a deep listening for their body, and most importantly, be-friend their body. Classes are deeply restorative yet challenging and strengthening – and always joyful! We explore inner connections and pathways through yoga postures, movement and the breath. The focus is never to make a perfect shape, but use different forms to explore our somatic experience of space, containment, balance and integration.

Classes are really functional – helping you to apply yoga in your everyday life.  They’re also a great antidote to the busy, constant, demanding culture we live in; as you get to connect deeper and deeper with the simple you that lies beneath all of the conditioning – a living, breathing, intelligent organism.  This practice exists to serve you.